the trouble with pop is they have to sell and telling people what they don't want to hear doesn't sell

these guys can be talented or like john lennon a genius but because its predicated on commerce it always fall short

we only have one life, it comes and goes, why not address the absolute?


i copied cat stevens "tea for the tillerman" (interestingly a tillerman is one who uses a tiller - cat stevens seem to have a bit of boat imagery) yesterday for eileen and it was an opportunity to listen to it for the first time really since my teenage years

very listenable but the semantics were sharded

i think thats bascially pop all over, you can see it in the videos, just disjoint without any inner coherence and thats what the audience wants, they only get upset at coherence because the thinking it induces starts to place demands on brain dentrification

yeah adults don't like demands on brain dentrification